Published Works

Stephen Cirell has been a prolific author on key topics in local government law, principally with Professor John Bennett for over 30 years. Their partnership commenced in 1988 and has subsequently produced numerous books on a variety of commercial public law areas.

Details of these include the following:

  • CCT Law and Practice (Longman) 1990
  • Municipal Trading (Longman) 1992
  • Competitive Tendering for Professional Services (FT Law and Tax) 1994
  • The PFI Law and Practice (FT Law and Tax) 1997
  • Best Value Law & Practice (Sweet & Maxwell) 1999
  • The PFI and Major Strategic Procurement in Local Government (Sweet & Maxwell) 2000
  • E Government, Best Value and the Law (SOCITM) 2001
  • Charging and Trading in Local Government (Sweet & Maxwell) 2005
  • The APSE Guide to Establishing a Revolving Fund for Solar PV 2010
  • A Guide to Solar PV Projects in Local Government and the Public Sector (Hann Barton) 2012
  • A Guide to Biomass Heating Projects in Local Government and the Public Sector – Stephen Cirell and Steve Luker (Hann Barton) 2015